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Overdue Items

Remember: You are responsible for the return of materials on time and for payment of any overdue fines assessed on your card.  Overdue information will be emailed if an email address is provided, called or mailed. At checkout you are provided a list of items borrowed and their due dates. Please refer to this slip as needed or access your account through online.

There is a 4 day fine-free grace period on all checkouts (except for Adventure Passes), but fines are calculated from the due date, not from the end of the grace period.

Loss of Borrowing Privileges

If there are "lost materials" on your record, or if you have more than 25 items overdue, you are blocked from checkout until the items are returned or paid for and the appropriate fines are also paid.

If you have unresolved charges of $5 or more, you are blocked from checkout until cleared.

The library reserves the right to block the use of all cards at a household if the sum of the unresolved charges on one or more cards is $50 or more.

All cards in a household can be blocked if anyone whose card is blocked uses another household member's card to avoid resolving an overdues block.

About Overdues and Fines

Fines are set by the Library Board each year.  The fines vary depending on the item type.  For the current daily/hourly fine rates, please see the library's latest fee schedule.

Pre-Overdue Email Notices

As a courtesy, the library sends an email notice 3 days before an item is due so you can renew it or return it before fines accrue. Only users with email will receive this notice.

Overdue Notices

The library sends email overdue notices 7 days after items are due. The library staff will notify users by phone of any overdues when there is no email address.

Billing Notice

Items not returned within 30 days of the due date are assumed lost and a "Notice of Unresolved Charges" is emailed or sent by regular mail, in which case a postage fee may be added. When the item is returned, the patron remains responsible for any overdue fines.

City Attorney

If a borrower who has fees/fines of $50 or more and fails to respond to the "Notice of Unresolved Charges" within 30 days, the matter will be filed for city attorney review. When a borrower has fees/fines of $50 or more and has an address correction note on his/her record, the matter may be referred to the city attorney.