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8 March 2024

Introductory Self Defense Workshop

Part of the 2024 Adult Library Program; Adventure Begins at Your Library

Event date: 5/2/2024 5:30 AM - 6:30 PM Export event

Ieni Martial Arts Academy is a traditional Korean martial art form training in Kuk Sool. It combines Buddhist temple martial arts, Family/clan martial arts, and Royal court martial arts into one effective fighting style. Within the Iceni syllabus, you will learn fighting techniques, falling principles, weapons, pressure point application, and joint manipulation. Using the mentioned skills you will develop a deep understanding of the body, and how to manipulate an attacker utilizing any number of self-defense techniques at your disposal. There are over 200 self-defense techniques under black belt, including defense against, grabs, kicking, clothing techniques, punches, knives, and more. In the introductory self-defense workshop, we will cover a few basic and advanced techniques that with practice you can utilize efficiently and keep with you for years to come. We will cover escape techniques from grabbing the wrist and clothing, pressure point application, and cell phone self-defense and if time permits cane.

**All programs are free and open to the public regardless of library card status.**


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