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4 August 2020

Sun Print Canvas (Adult; Age 18+)

Take-home activity kit

Event date: 8/28/2020 - 9/3/2020 Export event

  • Attending: 40
  • Seats: 40
  • Remaining: 0
Event registration is not possible anymore.

Paint a canvas and leave it in the sun with your choice of objects to create a one of a kind piece of sun print art.

Wendy Seaman1
Amanda Smart1
Susan Hardy2
Rachel Rector1
Deanna Bryan1
Lindsey Tomaso1
Jennifer Adame4
Michelle Boyce1
Gina Bathel1
Addison Minnick1
Joan Jefferies1
Nicole McDonald1
Amber Johnson1
Linda Smith1
Anne Obradovich1
Rachel Clifton2
Joan Smejkal1
Heather Krueger1
Jamie Wymore1
Stefanie Ramsey1
Patricia Palmer1
Christene Wall1
Emily Hill1
Lawton Hill1
Mary Herrington1
Christine Qualman1
Jillian Shearer1
Quentina Ellison1
Jessica Dunn1
Jaclyn Ramirez3
Jen Biggs1
Norma Reynolds1
Cindy Lewis1

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