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17 June 2020

Animal Crossing--New Horizons Social Share

Virtual Event

Event date: 6/21/2020 - 8/15/2020 Export event

• For: Grades 7-12 + teen 2020 high school graduates.

• Runs: June 21-August 15

Virtual island life: share your game screenshots and experiences! "Animal Crossing" has always been
a great outlet for creativity and stress relief--but it's especially important now when coping with
an ongoing pandemic. It doesn't matter how far along in the game you are; you can still participate in the
following challenges and see what other teens have been terraforming (and more!) on library social.

- Island Spotlight: send us your best island screenshots (up to 6)! What ae the favorite parts of your island
and why? What was the hardest thing to make?

- Library Challenge: build and show off your island libraries! They can be full-on residential homes
transformed into public libraries, outdoor libraries, or a mini home library! Have little free
libraries around your island? We'd love to see those too!

Go here for more info and submission guidelines:


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