Using Your Library


Membership & Card Fees:


Fines (all items unless listed below) = $ .10 a day

For maximum fines, please ask at the circulation desk.


Charge is no different if user provides paper.  Two-sided copies = 2 pages.

Interlibrary Loan Charges:*

*Note: If the loaning library has a minimum fee, the transaction will not be completed unless the borrower agrees to pay that fee as well.

Lost Materials Charges:

Replacement cost of item (or purchase like item as replacement).

Damaged Materials:

Damage cost assessed up to full value of the item.

Other Charges:

            Music CDs and DVDs = $ 2.00 per item
            Playaway Audio = $ 3.00 per item
            CD Book (small, 1-10 discs) = $ 2.00 per item
            CD Book (medium, 11-20 discs) = $ 7.00 per item
            CD Book (21+ discs) = $ 10.00 per item

Approved 6/15/2012 by the Bellevue Public Library Board

The Bellevue Public Library is a Department of the City of Bellevue, Nebraska