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Library Staff E-Mail:

Julie Dinville, Director: julie.dinville@bellevue.net
Linda Hanson, Office Manager/Volunteer Coordinator: linda.hanson@bellevue.net
Sandra Astleford, Assistant Library Director/Head of Technical Services: sandra.astleford@bellevue.net
Frankie Hannan, Head of Adult Services/Reference Librarian: frankie.hannan@bellevue.net
Martha Ruff, Circulation Manager: martha.ruff@bellevue.net
Michelle Bullock, Head of Children's Services: michelle.bullock@bellevue.net
Crystal Anderson, Young Adult Librarian: crystal.anderson@bellevue.net

Library FAX Number:

(402) 293-3163

Library Board Members:

The Bellevue Public Library Board meets the third Wednesday of each month (except July and December) at 4:30 p.m. in the large meeting room. Board members are:

The Bellevue Public Library is a Department of the City of Bellevue, Nebraska